diy lightbox

art photo cardboard

iphone pumpkin

lucky cat shot on slr with a flash off the ceiling

some useful info from my pal rodolfo:

I think theres a material called perspex

And the sides of the box can be that white foam thing

And you put a light inside the box, has 3 walls, one wall is missing to put your light and the top perspex

You can light the object well and still keep shadows which add depth

By one light being more intense than the other

For example, if you use light from above and below

The light coming from below will remove shadows on the lower part of the object

But a stronger light from above can create a shadow surrounding the object

So its like weird, because the object has no internal shadow below, so you cant tell its sitting on paper

It looks like its on white limbo floating

And then it has the outer shadow from the light above, like a black halo surrounding the floating object